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Helping growth-minded

leaders gain clarity

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“Change Your Outcome”When you’re stretched too thin for too long, both you and your organization begin to suffer. There’s too much going on. Sometimes it can be hard to see where you’re going. It can feel like a puzzle and the pieces aren’t coming together. If you want to escape this feeling and gain clarity so you can reach the next level – you’re in the right place.

Getting clear on your direction sounds good but how do you get there? How do you overcome the hurdles to make it a reality?

Doing nothing keeps you stuck and frustrated, and keeps your team and organization at a standstill.

You want to clarify your goals and have a roadmap to achieve them.

We’ve helped:

  • The leadership of a state trade association get major legislation passed that aligned with their mission.
  • A national nonprofit get focused so they could become a household name.
  • A local arts organization double its funding in less than two years.

“Progress, success, growth doesn’t just happen. It’s intentional, strategic, and transformative.”

Doing what you’ve always done is easy. There’s little pushback, stress, and challenges. But you’ll never achieve the success and growth you want until you step outside your comfort zone.

Why Us

We’ve helped executives conquer areas that have held them back in the past, achieve clarity, and implement a roadmap so they can reach the next level professionally and personally.

We’re advisors, strategists, and communicators who understand the importance of aligning your business and personal life to achieve the impact you want to have. We work with you to gain clarity and direction in and outside of work.

If you want the meaningful change you’re seeking personally and professionally, you have to do something different. If you want to change your outcome and direction, you need to chart a new course.

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How We Can Help.

One-on-One Advising & Coaching:

One-on-one executive coaching and advising can move you from feeling “stuck” to gaining clarity. If you are serious about changing how you manage yourself, your work, and how you’re going about achieving success, one-on-one executive coaching and advising is for you. Contact us now and begin making a meaningful change.


Meeting Facilitation & Strategy Sessions:

We work with you and your team in a group setting to help strategize and overcome the roadblocks holding you back, whether it’s lack of communication, lack of direction, or conflict. Through meeting facilitation and whiteboard strategy sessions, we help you and your team better organize, connect, and reach your potential.


Executive Retreats:

We host exclusive retreats with other executives where you can share in discussions with growth-minded leaders who are on the same journey as you. In this environment, you can discuss topics you couldn’t normally discuss with your team. You’ll gain candid feedback, encouragement, and support to help push you to the next level.


Are you a nonprofit CEO or Executive Director looking to further advance your mission and grow your impact?

Kessel Strategies created the Nonprofit Executive Club especially for you. Through one-one and group coaching, strategic planning, and team leadership development, helping you become a better leader who makes a larger impact is what the Nonprofit Executive Club aims to do for every member.

Learn About the Nonprofit Executive Club